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We Help Seasoned Entrepreneurs Cut Their Workday In Half While Still Growing Their Business

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Work Less


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If you're constantly Stressed out and not able to enjoy what you’re doing, because you feel like you're always behind...
We’re here to help you:
• Work Less
• Grow Your Business
• Enjoy your work & life
• Get rid off overthinking
• Make peace your daily companion

Happy day! I'm Martin. Your guide

Stress and overthinking was always a part of my life in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. That changed when I had my first guided psychedelic experience. For 6 years I've been guiding seasoned entrepreneurs to live the life they want.

Here's how we've helped other entrepreneurs

Darius Mora
Piers Lomax
Ken Ryan
Vishal Panday
Thomas Routier
Nick Sarafa
Lorraine Strauss
Allen Hoppes
Heitor Carvalho
Juliana Mcclane
Tom Ischler
Jolinda Pullen

Are you ready to work less, while growing your business?


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We'll discuss your challenges and how we can help you cut your work day in half while growing your business.


12-Week Peaceful Entrepreneur Program

Through weekly 1-1 and group coaching calls you'll get rid of stress, overthinking, and get to enjoy work and life again.


Enjoy your new found freedom

Have enough money, impact, and time to enjoy it. Feel content and confident in your work, life, and relationships.

Here's what you'll get

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Personalized Action Plan
1-Hour Weekly Private Coaching Calls
Weekly group Q&A calls
100% Plant-based Meals
Tools to Build Team of A-Players
Tools For Lasting Inner Peace
Tools For Turning Off Your Mind & Be Present
Tools To Enjoy Your Work, Life & Relationships
Tools To Feel Confident In Who You Are & Where You're going
Access To Exclusive Guided By Martin Community

‘Ridiculous risk-free triple guarantee’

The Peaceful Entrepreneur program is backed by an anxiety-reducing ‘Ridiculous risk-free triple guarantee’...

#1 - 14-day free trial guarantee

You can join in for 14 days and see if this will reduce your stress and have you think less. All you have to do is take your first 2 microdoses and join the coaching calls. If it doesn’t work for you after 14 days you can get out no questions asked.

#2 - Less work more growth guarantee*

If you by the end of the coaching period of 12 weeks are not working less while growing your business. Then I’ll personally make sure you’ll get there with my “less work, more growth guarantee”. You can microdose, stay inside the program, join all the coaching calls, and get personal mentorship from me for another 12 weeks.

#3 Deep dive guarantee**

if you after 24 weeks of us working together are still not working less while growing your business you become eligible for a deep dive. A deep dive is either a private or group therapeutic psychedelic session to take you deeper than you have ever been before. Many of our former deep divers compare the results of this session to 5 years of therapy. The deep dive is valued anywhere from $5.000-$20.000.

*The Stay until less work more growth guarantee is subject to the following conditions:
• You have made and continue to make all payments for our Coaching Services within the agreed-upon timeframes.
• You continue to follow our proven methods and processes.
• You have completed your first microdosing period of 10 weeks.
• You have attended and continue to attend 100% of your one-on-one coaching calls and at least 50% of all group coaching calls.
• You have completed and followed your action plan for how to work less while growing your business. This includes eliminating, delegating, and automating all activities that don’t serve growth, greater income, empowerment, your community, or a bigger future.
• You have at least 3 of following the following practices into your daily/weekly routine: meditation, breathwork, journaling/voice memo, movement, a creative outlet, planning, learning, time in nature, traveling/new experiences, socializing, sleep/relaxation, hydration, therapy, taking adaptogenic supplements, or eating at least 20% plants with each meal.

*The Deep dive guarantee is subject to the following conditions:
• The same conditions as for the Less work more growth guarantee and you have completed your second microdosing period of 10 weeks.

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How much longer do you want to:
  • Feel discontent and stressed?
  • Overthink everything and not be present?
  • Wasting your time on things that don't fullfill you?
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